Golf Tournament Planning Guide

The Golf Tournament Planning Guide was created to assist tournament planners in being able to host their golf tournaments, whether it be starting a new tournament or to taking over a tournament that you’ve inherited that has struggled and what you can do to turn it around! Along with the support of the host golf professional at the golf course, this manual will give you all of the information you need to be successful!  

  • Reasons for hosting a golf tournament and how to make the most of your event
  • Planning For Success 
  • Building a Winning Team and recruiting volunteers
  • Tournament Budgeting, and managing to your goal
  • Marketing and Promoting Your Tournament
  • Golf Tournament Operations, bring it all together
  • Contingency Planning and Tournament Evaluations 

Also included with the Golf Tournament Planning Guide are 24 FREE digital downloads including:

  • Entry Form Templates
  • Golf Tournament Planning Checklist
  • Volunteer Guide & Volunteer Application Template
  • Targeted Sponsorship Letter Template
  • Sponsorship Guide Template
  • Comprehensive Budget Template
  • Press Release Template
  • Media Contact List
  • Tournament Rule Sheet Template
  • Auction Bid Sheet Template
  • Donation Tracking List
  • Thank You Letter Template for Donations
  • Raffle & 50/50 Ticket Templates
  • Tournament Scoring Summary Sheet Template
  • Contingency Plan Spreadsheet Template
  • Thank You Letter With Survey Instructions
  • Tournament Evaluation Form Template
  • Golf Course Staff Post Tournament Evaluation Form
Golf tournament planning guide

The Golf Tournament Planning Guide will walk you through all of the steps involved with hosting a golf tournament from the initial planning stages through follow up! You’ll have 25 plus years of tournament experience at your fingertips!

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Golf Tournament Planning Guide Overview

  • Chapter 1 - Reasons For Hosting A Golf Tournament

    Chapter 1 - Reasons For Hosting A Golf Tournament

    Hosting a golf tournament is a great group activity where people can work together, have fun and in many cases earn money for a great cause in which everyone involved is able to contribute. Golf tournaments are not only great fundraisers, they also facilitate opportunities to strengthen relationships with current customers, potential customers as well as employees. Hosting an employee tournament is a great way to let your employees know that you appreciate their efforts throughout the year.
  • Chapter 2 - Planning For Success

    Chapter 2 - Planning For Success

    A typical timeline for planning a successful golf tournament can be anywhere from six to twelve months. There are numerous steps and activities that you must plan and coordinate in order to ensure that you have a well run, FUN golf tournament for your players. Develop committees and assign tasks to committee members with target dates to monitor progress Select the golf course, plan events related to the golf tournament, begin promoting your tournament to potential sponsors and start developing your promotional plan The key to managing a golf tournament is to be organized and creating a timeline with assignments and target dates will help to ensure that everything runs well
  • Chapter 3 - Building A Winning Team

    Chapter 3 - Building A Winning Team

    As the golf tournament planner you will have a significant number of tasks and details to manage and one of those tasks is coordinating volunteers. Golf tournament planners use volunteers for extra help with golf tournaments and the process of recruiting volunteers can be time consuming. When it comes to hosting a golf tournament, too often, a group of people are reluctantly recruited to try and help out and are not fully committed to the team and the success of the golf tournaments. Teams are most effective when you have the right people willing to work together to achieve a common goal. This chapter provides you with ideas that can assist you in developing a winning team that will ensure your tournament’s success.
  • Chapter 4 - Budget - Managing To Your Goal

    Chapter 4 - Budget - Managing To Your Goal

    How will your tournament standout among the thousands of golf tournaments that are being contested each year. Beyond participation, a common goal of golf tournaments is to generate revenues by offering various fundraising components to your tournament. In order to maximize revenues you’ll want to create a memorable experience for all participants, one that will encourage them to spend more on your tournament and keep them coming back to play in your tournament year after year.
  • Chapter 5 - Marketing & Promoting Your Tournament

    Chapter 5 - Marketing & Promoting Your Tournament

    Some tournaments may have a marketing or promotional budget, but for others the challenge becomes how can they promote the tournament with little or no money. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a marketing budget, tournament directors should also take advantage of the many opportunities out there to promote the tournament for FREE. These will take some work, but can help to increase participation in your tournament.
  • Chapter 6 - Golf Tournament Operations

    Chapter 6 - Golf Tournament Operations

    Operations A successful golf tournament, like most endeavors, is simply the execution of a well thought out plan. During the months and weeks leading up to the day of the tournament, you’ve created your plan and checked off items as they’ve been completed and you’ve effectively communicated tournament details to your staff (or team of volunteers) and members of the golf course staff to ensure that everything is ready for the big day! In the days leading up to the tournament you will want to “walk through” all of the details with the golf course staff (along with key members of your team) covering all aspects of the tournament from set-up through the scoring and awards presentation.
  • Chapter 7 – Contingency Plans, Evaluations & Follow-Up

    Chapter 7 – Contingency Plans, Evaluations & Follow-Up

    Whether this is your first year hosting a golf tournament, or you’ve been hosting your tournament for years – either way it is critical to evaluate the success of your tournament. One way to do this is to ask all participants, whether they be players, sponsors or volunteers, to fill out an evaluation form at the conclusion of each tournament. While feedback from participants (players, sponsors and volunteers) is critically important to the ongoing success of your tournament, taking the time to sit down and review your tournament with the key staff members at the golf course can be equally valuable.

What People are Saying about the Golf Tournament Planning Guide

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to try and take on the challenge of hosting golf tournament where I’d be inviting friends and co-workers to support the local Boys & Girls Club. I decided to purchase ‘The Golf Tournament Planning Guide’ and found it to be extremely helpful. All aspects of hosting a golf tournament are covered in this guide, not to mention the free tournament resources that were extremely helpful.  

– Deacon Kallish, Wauconda, Illinois (Apr 2016)

When my boss asked me to takeover the planning of our company golf tournament I didn’t know the first thing about the game of golf – much less anything about hosting a golf tournament. I researched golf tournament planning and purchased “The Golf Tournament Planning Guide.” Thanks to the tournament guide and the great team at the golf course, my boss said it was one of the best tournaments that the company had ever hosted.

-Allison Loftis, Melbourne, FL (Aug 2016)

Free Customizable Resources  Included with the Golf Tournament Planning Guide

When you download the Golf Tournament Planning Guide, not only will you receive 190+ pages of information to answer the questions you have and help you host a successful tournament, you will also receive access to 20+ FREE digital, downloadable files for you to use as templates to help you with tournament promotions and operations.

Golf Tournament Template

All you have to do is click on the “download file image” (as pictured above) and you will receive a template file that you can edit for your specific tournament – saving you time and money! Below is a sample of the Tournament Evaluation Form Template – one of the many FREE downloadable resources that you’ll receive with the Golf Tournament Planning Guide!

  • Budget Template - Statement of Revenues

    Budget Template - Statement of Revenues

  • Post Tournament Survey Template

    Post Tournament Survey Template

  • Tournament Checklist - Tournament Day

    Tournament Checklist - Tournament Day

  • Volunteer Application

    Volunteer Application

  • Tournament Entry Form Template

    Tournament Entry Form Template

  • Sponsorship Letter Template

    Sponsorship Letter Template

  • Sponsorship Guide Excerpt

    Sponsorship Guide Excerpt

  • Tournament Rules Sheet Template

    Tournament Rules Sheet Template

  • Press Release Template

    Press Release Template

  • Budget Template - Tournament Summary

    Budget Template - Tournament Summary

  • Budget Template - Tournament Expenses

    Budget Template - Tournament Expenses

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Michael Pryor, Certified PGA Professional 

Michael Pryor is a member of the Professional Golfers Association of America and has earned advanced certifications from the PGA of America in Golf Operations (2016) and Teaching and Coaching (2016). Michael has extensive experience in hosting golf tournaments from small charitable outings to PGA and USGA Tournaments – including the US Open and Champion’s Tour Qualifying Tournaments. Working at golf facilities in the Central Florida area for over twenty-five years he’s hosted 1,000’s of tournaments – at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club (in the Orlando area), the club hosted on average nearly 200 tournaments per year. During his tenure there, Falcon’s Fire was recognized as an APEX Award Finalist by the National Association of Golf Tournament Directors.

“The APEX Award recognizes those courses who “go over and above the call of duty” when it comes to servicing tournaments and outings. It’s the ultimate judgement by the tournament professionals who utilize these facilities for business and fundraising tournaments.”

It’s his 25+ years of tournament management experience that has been compiled to produce the Golf Tournament Planning Guide. While his experiences in working with organizations such as the PGA Tour and United States Golf Association contributed to the ebook, it is his experience working with new or inexperienced tournament planners that serves as the foundation for the information included in the Golf Tournament Planning Guide.

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